Wine Pairings at Dinner

Pairing is Important

The diversity of wine pairing hinges upon the diversity of the food. Because there’s such variation in Italian food, a wide array of wine flavors is a mandate. To maximize your Italian dining experience, we provide specific wine pairing recommendations.

Red Wine Pairing

As a general rule of thumb, the color of the sauce served with dinner will directly correspond to the type of wine you should drink. For example, a pasta with tomato marinara sauce would go well with a dark red wine like chianta, merlot or sangiovese. The acidity of red wines matches well with thicker sauces. This guide on how to taste wine offers useful tips, such as testing the viscosity of your wine and different methods for tasting.

White Wine Pairing

Try a pinot grigio, chardonnay, or Riesling when if you’re enjoying an alfredo pasta sauce or any cream-based sauce. Basil pesto also veers towards white wines, with chardonnay being the top recommendation. Seafood pairs well with white, as does some poultry, fois gras and even pork. White wine also works for any antipasto dish you’ll have before the main course (as does a rosé). The light serving of an antipasto is fitting with the lightness of a pinot grigio.

Similar Flavors

A spicier dish, for example, should be paired with a sweeter wine. Salty goes well with crisp wine; a chardonnay will go well with anything salty. Citrus flavors also make a great pair; try fish with lemon sauce and a sauvignon blanc. Rosé, the most ancient of all wines, is a bit of a switch hitter. It has the acidity of a white and the character of a red, meaning it will go well with almost all cheeses.

We all have unique palates, and experimenting with different wine pairings can help as you discover your own preferences. Earth, Wind, and Flour has a wide selection of wines that’ll accommodate any dish you order.

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