West LA’s Go-To Spot for Magic & Italian Food

Remember those days when your family would go for pizza and there would be a lobby full of arcade games trying to entice children to feed them quarters? As soon as families would arrive the begging from all the kids would start. Then you’d pay them a few dollars in quarters and a family night out has turned into the kids spending the entire time playing video games again. It all felt a little bit contradictory.

Every Sunday night Earth Wind & Flour provides comical entertainment through the art of Magic.

Well, here at Earth Wind & Flour we take it up a notch for a fun, classier experience. Every Sunday night, enjoy a glass of wine with magic and wonder combined with delicious Italian cuisine ranging from pasta, pizza, ravioli, and even burgers and salads for those who want something a little less saucy/cheesy. Oh! Let’s not forget the delicious warm Italian bread that comes moments after you take a seat at your table. While you enjoy your meal, you’ll have the pleasure of watching our crafty magician amaze you with his magic tricks. When you come in, make sure to look up. You will see playing cards from previous nights on the ceiling. This is just a taste of what is to come for your evening. Your name could be up there! How cool is that?

We are West LA’s hottest spot for magic and definitely the place to bring your family on any night of the week.

Our magician is great for all ages. Bring your children for a free, no hassle evening that requires little to no effort on your end. Fill their tummies with food and fill their curious minds as they wonder how Earth Wind & Flour’s magician does his work. Call 310-829-7829 to reserve your table, and it will be waiting for you. Tada! Like magic!

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