The Perfect Valentine’s Meal in Los Angeles

Valentine’s Dinner in Los Angeles

Chances are, you are still searching for the perfect Valentine’s meal in Los Angeles to enjoy with your partner.  Sure, you could go with French cuisine—if you and your partner don’t mind eating mainly bread and cheese.  Mexican cuisine would be a logical choice, but doing so in this city would be rather ordinary.  Instead, why not go with something romantic, full-flavored, and delicious?  When it comes to the perfect valentines meal in Los Angeles,  no cuisine can compete with Italian—and no restaurant can compete with your family-owned  Earth, Wind, and Flour.


The Romance of Italian Cuisine

Make no mistakes about it: Italian cuisine is romantic.  Just as the breathtaking beauty of Venice, the gorgeous ancient city of Rome, to the countryside of Tuscany and the ruggedness of Napoli inspire romance and love in millions every year, so too authentic Italian cuisine inspires romance in partners like none other.  It is this same authentic, Romantic Italian cuisine that we serve at our restaurant,

At Earth, Wind, and Flour, we know how to make the perfect romantic meal.  All of our dishes, from the appetizers to the, fresh pizzas, pastas and salads are painstakingly prepared by hand and with love.  As a result, all of our meals are guaranteed to look beautiful by candlelight and smell great too.  For every item on our menu, we only use the freshest ingredient, such as ripe tomatoes, basil fresh off the vine, and zesty garlic to ensure your meal will tantalize as many of you and your partner’s senses as possible.


Wine: A Prerequisite for Romance

What could be more romantic than a wine exploding with flavor?  At Earth Wind and Flour, you get exactly this.  We serve amazing wines perfect with every meal, including extremely aromatic Rutherford Vintners Pinot Noir from Napa Valley, organic fruity Primosole Sangiovese, and more.  Wine not your thing?  Worry not.  We also have a full-service bar on-location with an excellent selection of high-quality drinks to choose from.  Whether it is wine or another alcoholic beverage, you and your partner can relax this Valentines Day with the perfect drink to go along your romantic meal.


The Perfect Place for Couples

At Earth Wind and Flour, we want to make your Valentine’s meal special.  That is why for all couples who dine at our restaurant this Valentine’s Sunday, there will be a beautiful ‘Torta Amore’ at the end of the meal.  The sweet and perfect ending to any romantic Italian meal, we are sure you and your sweetheart will love it.

This Valentine’s Day, come down to Earth Wind and Flour for the perfect Valentine’s meal in Los Angeles.  We also are happy to host a world-class magician every Sunday evening who will perform magic tricks for you and your partner at your own table.
To make a reservation, please call us at 310.829.7829.  We look forward to serving you.

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