Set Up Your Halloween or Football Events with Earth, Wind, and Flour!

Set Up Your Halloween or Football Events with Earth, Wind, and Flour!

Sometimes getting a location for an event can be a pain. Earth, Wind, and Flour makes it easy for you. If you have events plans coming up but don’t have the place, we’ve got you covered.

banquetOctober is a big time for Halloween-themed events. Such parties can involve a lot of guests, and you just may not have the room at your house. We have a number of rooms that are fitting for such occasions.

Bring your October plans to Earth, Wind, and Flour!

Our banquet room is one of the highlights of our building. It has tables that are able to be moved around for your needs and TVs that line the walls. The room is spacious and can fit up to 50 guests.
Some people like to get their drink on with these events though. Earth, Wind, and Flour can cover that too by providing a bar and banquet room package. This allows for 75 guests and your choice of an open or hosted bar experience.

Our bar and banquet space is perfect for your big events!bar

We can also accommodate the needs of those wanting more of a work-related gathering rather than a party-like event. Earth, Wind, and Flour has you covered in that department as well. We offer a company lunch package that that has a 10-guest minimum and starts at only $120. However, we have a guest capacity for this package that goes up to 45 people — with still only $12 per person. Your Halloween-time work lunch would be a blast at Earth, Wind, and Flour!


We have the space for your NFL game day celebration!

The NFL season also starts this fall and football fans will need a great place to watch games and celebrate. Earth, Wind, and Flour has a game day package to fit your needs. This package has the same costs range as the company lunch package.

Whether for Halloween-themed get-togethers, football game celebrations, or other events, Earth, Wind, and Flour is great location choice for you. Call or come in to schedule your space or package choice. We look forward to hearing from you!

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