A Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

“Are you hungry?”

It’s the question an Italian mother will ask, always and forever.

She may have just served up a dinner that made you full to the point of immobility, but that won’t stop her from insisting that it’s been too long since your last meal (dinner was an hour and a half ago.) She’ll constantly ask this question not only to you, but to everyone that enters her home. She has a stockpile of gravy (pasta sauce) that could act as food stores for a small village during an apocalypse. She has a pasta drying rack – she could in no way call herself Italian if she went to a grocer for pasta. “What would my mother think of me?” she’d ask, waving a marinara soaked wooden spoon around.

Your Italian mother will unabashedly display public affection, kissing and pinching your face as if the last time she saw you was at your birth, but really you just finished lunch with her, where she stuffed you to the brim and ignored your vehement refusals of taking another bite. She’ll knock any romantic figure in your life, telling you that you could do better, while simultaneously demanding grandbabies and fixing up a giant platter of mortadella and mozzarella sandwiches. “Are you hungry?” is her primary greeting to you.

The perfect Mother’s Day gift

Despite all the craziness your mother brings to your day-to-day, without her, you wouldn’t know where you’d be in your life. She taught you that family and love come before anything else and that there’s no such thing as enough good food.

At Earth, Wind & Flour, we uphold those two same values. Mother’s Day will be here soon and it’s fitting to show utmost thankfulness to all moms, Italian or otherwise. She deserves the perfect Mother’s Day gift. Our children-friendly environment and family-size portions make our West LA Italian restaurant the right place to celebrate mothers this May 10th. Whether you’re with the entire family or you’re just with your mom, everyone’s welcome to our cozy ambiance and hearty food. And for this upcoming Mother’s Day, all moms will receive free dessert! Make your Mother’s Day gift a meal at Earth, Wind & Flour.

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