The Ultimate NFL Experience in Santa Monica

Your NFL Experience, the Santa Monica Way

There is no other sport in the United States that has more viewers than Football. There are millions of die-hard fans who love football, whether they live in California, New York, or Hawaii. As we approach the Fall season, the NFL season is finally among us and has kicked into full gear. Sundays have become an unofficial holiday for football fans and there can be several different ways to have the complete NFL experience: by going to a live game, watching at home or on your phone, or of course, watching football at the bar. Watching a game in Santa Monica can have it’s challenges and options, but watching it at the bar is the ideal way. Since our beautiful Santa Monica is located miles away from the nearest NFL team, do residents really want to drive dozens of miles and pay a loads of money just to go watch a live game? Do you want to spend time and money planning a viewing party in your home? Or do you want the experience of watching a live game for a much lesser price, along with great food, drinks, and discounts right at your comfort? That is why watching football at the bar is not only the most affordable way to watch a game, but maybe the most enjoyable.

Eat Football. Drink Football. Watch Football.

In this era of technology, watching football in Santa Monica would be just as good as going to a real game. Sports games on HD TV showcases a great viewing experience with elements such as commentators, breakdowns, instant replays, up-to-date information, and close-ups of all the football players and coaches. All people need nowadays to have that great NFL experience that they desire is surround sound, clear high-definition screens, some beers, food, and great company. Bars like in Earth, Wind, and Flour in Santa Monica can deliver precisely that.

If you choose to go to a live football game, you would most likely be facing sky rocket prices for parking as well as a high price on food and drinks. At bars, you will find ice-cold tap beers paired with delicious food like wings and sliders. Bars will also provide a quick and easy service compared to constantly waiting in long concession lines that would probably prevent you from watching the best parts of the game. On top of that, the bar will definitely have food and drink specials so you can keep on nibbling and keeping your buzz throughout the entire game.

You could decide to throw a viewing party at your own house and that would be a fun time too, but then at the end of the party, there would most likely be a big mess to clean and a lot of planning that would consume your leisure time. Furthermore, purchasing all the food to cook, along with the snacks, the beer and the ice would probably cost much more than you think. However, the ambiance and the atmosphere of watching football at the bar is an ideal experience; there, you can arrive with friends, grab any drink to your liking, then socialize as the game goes on without worrying about cleaning up trash or messing up your house. The most fun of all from watching football at the bar is the crowd that watches the game with you. The reactions, the loud cheering, the heckling, and the comradery among fans will carry the same vibe as if you actually went to the actual game.

Football Specials 

Luckily for you, Earth, Wind, and Flour loves football. For over 30 years, we have been serving to the community of Santa Monica with our delicious Italian cuisine and now we are dedicated in providing residents the greatest NFL experience. During this season, we look forward to every Sunday, Thursday night, and Monday night as we host the ultimate viewing party. With a bar and backroom reserved for game-watchers, we are home to around seven HD flat-screen TVs ranging from sizes 32″ to 55″ to give all patrons a fantastic viewing experience. Furthermore, for every day that there is an NFL game playing, Earth, Wind, and Flour will have discounts on delectable food dishes like wings, nachos, prime rib sandwiches, and sliders as well as mimosas, house margaritas, and select beers. So call your best buds, grab a seat, and enjoy a good game.


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