Culinary Heroes of the Community

When you think of restaurants, you usually think of them as nothing but places to eat at. However, Earth Wind & Flour goes above and beyond that. This restaurant demonstrates both personality and altruism in its devotion to bringing closeness to Santa Monica’s community. Whether through magic shows or weekend singers or pizza workshops for children, Earth Wind & Flour is invested in quality entertainment as well as quality food; this gives it a personalized touch rarely seen in restaurants. Their personality expands far beyond their walls.

Earth Wind & Flour provides more than just food for the customers—they provide food for numerous social welfare programs in the Santa Monica community. Their involvement ranges from the Delancey Street Foundation, which provides rehabilitation to long-time drug addicts, to Bookends, a volunteer service dedicated to child literacy. Other charities they are involved in include the National Police Athletic/Activities League (PAL), a juvenile crime prevention program; Santa Monica High School Safe Zone, promoting gender equality; and the McKinley Elementary School Night Fundraiser. This management believes everyone should involve themselves in the community, whether it’s lending a hand to the disenfranchised or just showing one’s support to their local school.

Having watched their clients grow up to have children of their own, Earth Wind & Flour maintains a personal investment with its customers and its community, especially youth. Young children are taught magic tricks, and kindergartners and first graders take field trips to the restaurant to learn about the business and craft their own pizzas.

Earth Wind & Flour is more than a mere business. They give back to the community in a way other restaurants don’t.

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