The Benefits of Family Dinner

As we were growing up, many of us gathered around the dinner table every night. It was just what we did. The wonderful smells of garlic bread, pasta sauce made from scratch, and cheese wafted from the kitchen. You begrudgingly help your siblings set the tables with napkins, silverware and plates. Then dad gets home and you all sit as a family around the table. Everyone enjoys the food, but you also share stories from your days. We do our best to duplicate that for you here at Earth, Wind and Flour, but with one improvement; we’ll do all of the delicious cooking for you!

Benefits to Your Health

Recent studies have found eating dinner as a family can greatly benefit your health. Not only does it help cultivate good eating habits, but it can help you control portions. Sitting down at a table as a family encourages a spirit of appreciation and gratitude for the food in front of us. For some adults, family dinner has been found to reduce stress and increase relaxation. Kids who have family dinner at least 4 times a week get better grades, and are less likely to participate in unsavory activities like drinking or smoking. Last but not least, family dinner is FUN! It’s long been believed that eating as a family leads to better adjusted kids, but only recently has there been research to support it.


In America, dinner time has long been entwined with the 9-5 work week. While the invention of microwave dinners in 1986 may have led to more families eating in front of the TV, family dinners are slowly but surely making a comeback. The overabundance and availability of food can take away from the tradition and ritual. At Earth, Wind and Flour, we know the importance of atmosphere. Let our dinner table be your dinner table and come enjoy one of our Italian favorites. Expert hint: Sunday’s magic shows are great for the whole family!

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