What is a Traditional Italian Pizza Like?

What is a Traditional Italian Pizza Like?

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Traditional Italian pizza originated in Italy of course. Pizza is a savory dish that is enjoyed by people all across the world. Did you know it has been part of Italian culture ever since the 16th century?

Interestingly, Neapolitan pizza-making was included in UNSESCO’s Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2017. The purpose of this category is to preserve and increase awareness about different kinds of cultural heritage before they die out from being passed down through generations.

As pizza gained global popularity, chefs in various parts of the world tweaked the recipe according to local preferences. While many people know what pizza tastes like, few are acquainted with the original flavor of a traditional Italian pizza.  Here are three of its signature features:

Thin Crust

Today, you will find pizza crusts ranging from thin to very thick. Deep dish pizza is another relatively latest variant originating in America. However, an authentic Italian pizza typically has a thin, crispy crust.

In some areas of Italy, you can even find pizzas thin enough to make it seem as if you are eating cheese crackers with toppings. Thin crust pizza is made after the extensive practice of skillfully kneading the dough, rolling it between the palms of your hand and tossing it in the air.

Tomato Sauce

Italian pizza is incomplete without a generous dollop of fresh tomato sauce. It is richly prepared with peeled Italian tomatoes that are cooked with salt, basil and extra virgin olive oil. The addition of garlic and oregano adds a fresh, herby flavor to the dish.

Pizza variants across the globe do not necessarily adhere to the recipe so strictly. American versions often taste tangier and take a few hours to cook.

The Toppings

Italian pizza has substantial room for variety when it comes to toppings. Traditionally, basil leaves, Mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce are used, which also represent the tri-color of Italy’s flag.

However, you can sprinkle other ingredients to enhance the flavor while retaining the authenticity of the dish. Add artichokes, Italian sausage, anchovies, black olives and salami on a traditional Italian pizza to give your taste buds a treat. Lastly, getting the chance to taste the dish in its original form largely depends on the chef making the pizza. At Earth, Wind and Flour, you can be sure to savor the flavor of a traditional Italian pizza. Click here to check out our menu or contact us to have your Italian food delivered to your doorstep.

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